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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Monster HP EXP Summon Convince Loot
Rabbit1502202200-2 meat, carrot, 1-5 eggs [only in easter time]
Deer2502602600-3 meat, 0-2 ham
Pig2502552550-4 meat
Sheep, Black Sheep2002502500-4 meat
Chicken1502202200-2 Meat, 0-3 Worm, 0-3 Egg
Skunk2032002000-2 Worm
Rat2052002000-4gp, Cheese, 0-4 worm.
Cave Rat30102502500-4gp, Cheese, jacket, coat, 0-1 cookie, 0-4 worm.
Spider20122102100-5 gp
Bug29182502500-10 gp, 0-3 Cherry
Wolf25182552550-4 Meat, 0-4 Worm
Troll50202902900-10 gp, Meat, Bag, Spear, Hand Axe, Leather Boots, Leather Helmet, Wooden Shield, Rope, Silver Amulet (Very rare), Studded Club
Winter Wolf30202602600-2 Meat
Hyaena60202752750-2 meat
Poison Spider26222702700-4 gp
Bear80233003000-4 meat, 0-2 ham, 0-1 worm
Frost Troll55233003000-15 gp, 0-2 Fish, Bag, Club, Spear, Rapier, Wooden Shield, Coat, Twigs
Panda80233003000-4 meat, 0-2 hams
Orc70253003000-8 gp, studded armor, studded shield, studded helmet, sabre, axe, meat
Goblin50252902900-9 gp, Fish, Moldy Cheese, Bag, Short Sword, Small Axe, 0-2 Small Stone, Dagger, Leather Armor, Leather Helmet, Bone, bone club
Swamp Troll55253203200-10 gp, Fish, Bag, Dagger, Leather Boots, Torch, Fishing Rod (Rare)
Spit Nettle15025------0 - 10 gp, sling herb, shadow herb
Polar Bear85283153151-4 meat, 1-2 hams
Lion80303203201-4 meat, 1-2 hams
Dworc Venomsniper8030---3000-10gp, 0-3 Poison Arrow, Torch, Throwing Knife, Bronze Amulet, Bast Skirt, Tribal Mask
Crab55303053050-15 gold, 0-3 fish
Centipede70303353350-24 gp, sword, mace, poison dagger(Rare)
Skeleton50353003000-10 gp, Bag, Bone, Torch, Sword, Hatchet, Mace, Brass Shield, Viking Helmet,
Dworc Fleshhunter8535---3000-10gp, 0-3 Skull, Leather Armor, Cleaver, Hunting Spear, Bone Shield, Poison Dagger(Rare), Tribal Mask, Ripper Lance(Rare)
Dworc Voodoomaster8035---3000-10gp, 0-3 Skull, Torch, Leather Armor, Poison Dagger, Tribal Mask, Strange Symbol(Rare), Voodoo doll(Rare)
Orc Spearman105383103100-8? gp, Spear, machete, studded legs, dirty fur, meat
Rotworm6540---3050-40 gp, 0-6 worm, ham, meat, mace, sword, legion helmet, katana (Rare), copper shield (Rare)
Crocodile105403503500-10 gp, 0-4 ham, 0-4 meat, crocodile boots, leather legs, leather helmet
Tiger75404204200-4 ham, 0-4 meat
Elf10042320320Studded helmet, studded armor, brass shield, leather boots, apples, 1-3 arrow, longsword, sandals, bow (Rare)
Larva70443553550-10 gp, meat,
Dwarf90453203200-8 gp, 0-2 White Mushrooms, Bag, Axe, Hatchet, Studded Armor, Copper Shield, Leather Legs, Shovel, Pick, Letter, Dwarven Ring (Very rare)
Smuggler130483903900-? gp, 0-2 torch, 0-? meat, 0-? ham, knife, leather helmet, leather legs, short sword
Orc Warrior125503603600-15 gp, Sabre, wooden shield, copper shield, meat, bottle, chain armor, poison dagger (Very rare),
Minotaur100503303300-28 gp, Meat, Bag, Sword, Mace, Axe, Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Brass Helmet, Leather Legs, Plate Shield, Shovel, Bronze Amulet (Very rare), Poison Dagger (Extremaly rare)
War Wolf14055---4200-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham
Amazon110603903900-10 Gp, Dagger, skull, torch, sabre, brown breads, leather armor, studded shield, crystal necklace (Rare), small ruby (Very rare)
Wild Warrior135604204200-25 gp, Meat, Bag, Axe, Mace, Chain Helmet, Brass Armor, Brass Shield, Steel Shield, Leather Legs, Iron Helmet (Rare), Doll (Rare), War Hammer (Very rare)
Minotaur Archer100653903900-28 gp, Meat, Bag, Crossbow, 0-20 Bolt, Scale Armor(Rare), Brass Armor(Rare), Chain Armor, Soldier Helmet
Bandit245654504500-26 gp, 0-2 meat, war hammer (Rare), iron helmet, axe, mace, brass shield, chain helmet, leather legs, brass armor
Dwarf Soldier135703603600-15 gp, 1-2 white mushrooms, 1-4 bolt, crossbow, soldier helmet, dwarven shield, battle axe, shovel, leather boots, chain armor, axe ring (Rare)
Elf Scout160753603600-6 gp, Grapes, Bag, longsword, Studded Helmet, Studded Armor, Bow, 0-12 Arrow, 0-3 Poison Arrow, Sandals, Water Skin
Ghoul100854504500-46 gp, 0-7 worm, Bag, Knife, Scale Armor, Brass Helmet, Viking Helmet, Skull, Torch, Life Ring (Very rare)
Valkyrie190854504500-12 gp, 1-5 dagger, 1-2 skulls, 1-3 meat, 1-2 apples, chain armor, chain helmet, double axe, protection amulet, plate armor (Rare), small diamond (Rare)
Stalker12090------0-? gp, Bag, Backpack, Throwing Knife, Leather Legs, Brass Legs, Blank Runes, Stealth ring (Rare), Obsidian Lance(Rare)
Gazer12090------0-? gp
Lizard Sentinel265100---5600 - 20 gp, spear, chain armor, scale armor, obsidian lance (Rare), Halberd (Rare), small diamond (Rare), Sentinel Shield(Rare)
Sibang225100------0-25gp, 0-5 orange, 0-8 coconut, 0-9 banana, melon, bag, 0-1 small stone, chain helmet
Assassin175105---4500-41 gp, 0-2 torch, knife, battle shield, combat knife, plate shield, steel helmet, Small Diamond(Rare), Horseman Helmet(Rare), Leopard Armor(Very rare),
Kongra350105------0-25gp, 0-10 banana, bag, protection amulet, power ring, club ring, Plate Armor
Orc Rider180110---4900-10 gp, Backpack, torch, wolf tooth chain, orcish axe, battle shield, studded helmet, 1-3 meat, obsidian lance (Rare), Scale Armor (Very rare)
Orc Shaman115110------0-5 gp, Dead snake, 1-3 corns, chain helmet, chain armor, staff, book (grey journal), spear, Wand of Vortex, Wand of Plague
Fire Devil200110530530Bag, Scimitar, Pitchfork, Torch, Blank Rune, Double Axe, Small Amethyst(Rare), Volca??? Rod (Very rare), Guardian Shield(Rare)
Merlkin230110------0-25gp, magic light wand, bag, 0-2 banana, banana staff(Rare), small amethyst(Rare), Wand of Plague
Ghost150120------Bag, Combat Knife, Morning Star, Sandals, Cape, Shadow Herbs, Ancient Shield (Rare),Snakebite Rod (Rare), Golden Wand (Rare), Stealth Ring (Very rare)
Witch300120------0-10 gp, 0-10 Cookies, Cheese, Star Herb, Bag, Sickle, Broom, Leather Boots, Coat, Cape, Silver Dagger (Rare), Wolf Teeth Chain (Rare), Garlic Necklace (Rare),Volca??? Rod, Protection Amulet (Rare)
Scarab3201203953950-62 gp, meat, 0-4 arrow, heavy machete (Rare), daramanian mace (Rare), small amethyst (Rare), small emerald (Rare), scarab coin
Tarantula2251204854850-45 gp, brass legs, plate armor, steel helmet, time ring,(Rare)
Lizard Templar410140------0-17 gp, short sword, steel helmet, small emerald, Plate Armor, salamander shield, templar scytheblade,
Dark Monk190145---4800-? gp, scroll, bag, lamp, staff, bread, life crystal, brown flask, leather armor, ankh
Cyclops2601504904900-35 gp, 0-3 Meat, 0-4 Ham, Bag, Short Sword, Battle Shield, Plate Shield, Wolf Tooth Chain (Rare), Halberd (Rare), Dark Helmet (Rare), Club Ring (Rare)
Hunter150150---5300-? gp, 0-3 Orange, 0-2 Roll, Meat, Bag, Bow, 0-15 Arrow, 0-3 Burst Arrow, Brass Armor, Leather Helmet, Brass Helmet, Leather Legs, Torch, Green Tu???, Small Ruby(Very rare), Dragon Necklace(Rare)
Minotaur Mage155150------0-? gp, 0-12 Carrots, Bag, Combat Knife, Brass Armor, Leather Helmet, Leather Legs, Dead Snake, 0-2 Torches, Wand of Cosmic Energy (Very rare)
Mummy240150------0-80 gp, Bag, Short Sword, Magic Light Wand, Strange Talisman (czasami), Crystal Ring (czasami), Poison Dagger (czasami), Black Pearl (czasami), Silver Brooch (czasami), Silver Amulet, Black Shield (Very rare)
Gargoyle250150------0-? gp, small stone, meat, ham, club ring, bone club, Battle Shield(Rare), Steel Helmet(Rare), Dark Armor(Rare)
Terror Bird3001504904900-20gp, bag, 0-5 worm, 0-3 meat, feather headdress
Carniphila225150------0-39gp, 0-3 meat, 0-2 ham, bag, dark mushroom, grave flower
Minotaur Guard1851605505500-20 gp, Meat, Bag, Hatchet, Brass Armor, Scale Armor, Battle Shield, Leather Legs, Fishing Rod, Double Axe, Chain Legs
Slime150160------poison field
Stone Golem2701605905900-? gp, Bag, Torch, Carlin Sword, Steel Shield, Small Stone, Scale Armor, Crystal Ring(Very rare), Red Gem(Rare), Power Ring
Elephant3201605005000-4 Meat, 0-4 ham, elephant tusk, tusk shield
Dwarf Guard2451656506500-30 gp, 0-2 White Mushrooms, Bag, Battle Hammer, Scale Armor, Battle Shield, Leather Boots, Double Axe (Rare), Steel Helmet (Rare), Axe Ring (Rare), Small Amethyst (Very rare)
Beholder260170------0-52 gp, Bag, longsword, Morning Star, Steel Shield, Wooden Shield, Spell Book, Two Handed Sword (Rare), Quagmire Rod(Bardzo Rare), Beholder Shield (Very rare)
Elf Arcanist220175------0-? gp, Melon, Bread, Bag, 0-3 Arrow, Staff, Sandals, Bow, Scroll, Blank Rune, Green Tu???, Bowl, Inkwell, Parchment, Sling Herb, Candlestick, Wand of Cosmic Energy, Life Crystal (Rare), Elven Amulet (Rare), Yellow Gem (Very rare)
Blue Djinn330190------0-46 gp, 0-4 Small Sapphire, 0-3 Carrot, Small Oil Lamp, Book, Mystic Turban
Green Djinn330190------0-61 gp, 0-3 small emerald, cheese, book, grave flower, small oil lamp
Crypt Shambler330195---5800-? gp, rotten meat, bone, two-handed sword, bone sword, bone shield, iron helmet, small diamond, Throwing Star
Orc Berserker2101955905900-12 gp, Chain armor, chain helmet, ham, lamp, battle axe, halberd
Monk240200600---0-? gp, 0-? Bread, Bag, Staff, Scroll, Lamp, Ankh(Very rare), Life Crystal, Power Ring
Lizard Snakecharmer325200------0 - 20 gp, dirty cape, Cape, dead snake, Small Amethyst, Life Crystal, Life Ring, Snakebite Rod(Rare), Quagmire Rod(Rare), Yellow Gem(Rare), Charmer Tiara(Rare)
The Horned Fox???200------Dwarfen Helmet
Fire Elemental280220690690fire field
Demon Skeleton4002406206200-40 gp, torch, throwing star, battle hammer, battle shield, iron helmet, mind stone (Rare), mysterious fetish (Rare), guardian shield (Rare)
Dwarf Geomancer380245------0-30? gp, 0-2 Pears, 0-2 White Mushrooms, 0-2 Bags, Blank Rune, Magic Light Wand, Studded Legs, Leather Boots, Clerical Mace, ?
Orc Leader4502706406400-35gp, Backpack, 1-2 meat, fish, dagger, throwing knife, longsword, scimitar, brass legs, plate armor, Plate Shield, sword ring, Broad Sword (Rare), plate legs (Rare), warrior helmet (Very rare)
Elder Beholder500280------0-65 gp, longsword, morning star, Spell Book, Steel Shield, Beholder Shield, Beholder Helmet
Vampire450290------0-20 gp, Bag, Leather Legs, Bronzen Necklace, Bowl, Skull, Katana, Grave Flower, Black Pearl (Rare), Emerald Bangle (Rare), Spike Sword (Rare), Strange Helmet (Rare), Ice Rapier (Rare), Vampire Shield (Very rare)
Efreet550300------0-?gp, heavy machete, pears, small oil lamp, Green Gem(Very rare), emeralds(Very rare)
Marid550300------0-? gp, heavy machete, blueberries, small oil lamp, sapphire(Very rare), Blue Gem(Very rare),Tempest Rod
Dharalion380380------Blank rune, Parchment,
Fernfang400400------0-? gp, blank rune, bag, plate, lamp, Staff, star herb
Priestess390420------0-2 Apples, Dark Mushroom, Wood Mushroom, Bag, Bowl, Dagger, Goat Grass, Sling Herbs, Talon(Rare), Crystal Ball, Crystal Necklace, Black Shield(Rare), Wooden Flute, Tempest Rod (Very rare)
Yeti950460------0-? gp, 0-3 meat, 0-? ham, snowball
The Evil Eye1200500------?
General Murius300550------0-?gp, Brass Armor, Steel Shield
Bonebeast515580------0-? gp, skull, bone, big bone, bone club, bone shield, green mushroom, plate armor
Necromancer580580------0-? gp, Short sword, scale armor, skull, green mushroom, clerical mace, mystic turban (Rare), skull staff (Rare), boots of haste (Rare), Snakebite Rod( Rare)
Orc Warlord950670------0-14 gp, Scimitar, throwing star, orcish axe, brass legs, meat, fish, plate armor, plate legs, stealth ring, dark helmet, crusader helmet (Rare), dragon hammer (Rare)
Dragon1000700------0-100gp, 0-3 dragon hams, short sword, double axe, mace, Broad Sword, steel helmet, crossbow, 0-10 burst arrow, steel shield, plate legs, longsword, life crystal (Rare), serpent sword (Rare), dragon hammer (Rare), dragon shield (Rare), small diamond (Rare), Wand of Inferno (Rare)
Ancient Scarab1000720------0-? gp, Daramanian Waraxe (Rare), 0-2 Scarab Coin, 0-3 Small Amethyst, 0-3 Small Emerald, Scarab amulet, Ancient amulet, Scarab shield, magic light wand, plate armor
Banshee1000900------0-?gp Dirty cape, simple dress, candlestick, wedding ring, white pearl, black pearl, silver amulet, stone skin amulet (Rare), ring of healing (Rare), blue robe (Rare), red robe (Very rare)
Giant Spider1300900------0-100 gp, Bag, Brass Legs, Steel Helmet, Plate Armor, Knight Armor (Rare), Knight Legs(Rare), Time Ring (Rare), Platinum Amulet (Very rare)
Lich880900------0-? gp, staff, spellbook, dirty cape, black pearl, white pearl, Strange Helmet, Ring of Healing, Blue Robe, Platinum amulet, Castle Shield
Necropharus10001000------0-1 Green Mushroom, Grave Flower, Bowl, skull, Bone, Boots of haste
Hero14001200------0-100 gp, 0-2 Meat, 0-12 Arrow, Grapes, Bag, Red Rose, Bow, Wedding Ring, Scarf, Green Tu???, Scroll, Lyre, Rope, two-handed sword, War Hammer (Rare), Fire Sword (Rare), Crown Armor (Rare), Crown Legs (Rare), Crown Helmet (Rare), Crown Shield (Rare), Might Ring (Rare)
Black Knight18001600------0-100 gp, 0-? Brown Bread, Bag, Battle Hammer, Black Shield, two-handed sword, Spear, Double Axe, Halberd, Plate Armor, Dark Helmet, Steel Helmet, Brass Legs, Rope, Dragon Lance (Very rare), Knight Axe (Rare), Knight Armor (Rare), Knight Legs (Rare), Dark Armor, Warrior Helmet (Rare), Boots of Haste (Very rare), Ruby Necklace (Rare)
Grorlam30001600------Small stone, Power ring, Scale Armor, Steel Boots
Serpent Spawn30002000------0-175 gp, green mushroom, old parchment, bag, Golden Mug, Book, Power Bolt, Small Sapphire, life crystal, Life ring, Energy ring, Tower Shield, Snakebite Rod, Strange Helmet, Royal Helmet, Fire Sword, Charmer Tiara, Dragon Scale Mail,
Dragon Lord19002100------0-250 gp, 0-5 Dragon Ham, Green Mushrooms, Bag, Life Crystal, Small Sapphire, Golden Mug, Tower Shield (Rare), Strange Helmet, Royal Helmet (Very rare), Energy Ring, Wand of Dragonbreath, Power Bolt, Fire Sword (Rare), Dragon Scale Mail(Very rare), T-Book
Hydra22502100------0-250 gp, 0-4 ham, 0-4 meat, Hydra Egg, small sapphire, ring of healing, Stone Skin Amulet, warrior helmet, medusa shield, boots of haste, knight armor, royal helmet
Behemoth40002500------0-? gp, 0-? Meat, 0-? Bag, Amphora, Double Axe, two-handed sword, Plate Armor, Small Amethyst, Crystal Necklace, Crowbar, Giant Sword (Rare), Dark Armor, Steel Boots (Rare), Strange Symbol
The Old Widow32002800------0-100? gp, bag, Brass Legs, Plate Armor
Dipthrah???2900------0-134 gp, ornamented ankh, Blue Gem, Pharao Sword
Omruc???2950------0-71gp, 0-2 apples, 0-13 poison arrows, 0-21arrows, 0-15 burst arrows, 0-3 Small Diamond, crystal arrow, Yellow Gem, Hammer of Wrath
Thalas???2950------0-96 gp, 0-3 Small Emerald, Stealth ring, Time Ring, Cobrafang Dagger, Poison Dagger, Djinn Blade
Vashresamun40002950------0-142gp, blue note, Violet Gem, 0-1 White Pearl, 0-1 Black Pearl, Crystal Mace
Morguthis???3000------0-76gp, 0-1 Black Pearl , sword hilt, Knight Axe, Ravager's axe, Demonbone Necklace, Phoenix Shield
Mahrdis28003050------0-142gp, 0-2 small ruby, Holy Falcon, burning heart,
Ashmunrah???3100------0-106 gp, Silver Brooch
Rahemos37003100------Ancient rune, Magic Hat, Volca??? Rod, Violet Gem, Twin Axe
Warlock32004000------0-150 gp, 0-? Bread, 0-5 Cherries, Talon, Mushrooms, Bag, Poison Dagger, Mind Stone, Inkwell, Candlestick, Blue Robe, Stone Skin Amulet, Energy Ring, Sapphire(Rare), Volca??? Rod(Rare), Red Tome (Rare), Skull Staff, Golden Armor(Rare), Ring of the Sky(Very rare)
Demodras45004000------0-190gp, Small Sapphire, 0-6 Green Mushroom, 0-8 Dragon Ham, Dragon Scale Mail
Demon82006000------0-310 gp, 0-10 Fire Mushroom, double axe, small emerald, talon, orb, purple tome, giant sword, fire axe, ice rapier, platinum amulet, devils helmet, might ring, stealth ring, golden ring, golden sickle, demon shield (Rare), ring of healing (Rare), golden legs (Very rare), shield of the mastermind (Rare), magic plate armor (Extremaly rare)
Orshabaal??????------0-? gp, Black Pearl, 0-7 Small Sapphire, 0-9 Small Emerald, 0-5 Talon, Big Emerald, Devils Helmet, Might Ring, Orb, Silver Dagger, Mind Stone, Snakebite Rod, Strange Symbol, Two Handed Sword, Double Axe, Fire Axe, Demon Shield, Thunder Hammer

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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net