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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

HP 50 Summon 290
Exp 20 Convince 290
Resistance none Special none
Fight close combat
Loot 0-10 gp, Meat, Bag, Spear, Hand Axe, Leather Boots, Leather Helmet, Wooden Shield, Rope<, Silver Amulet (Very rare), Studded Club
Sounds Groar, Grrr, Gruntz!, Hmmm, dogs, Me strong me ate spinach!, Hmmm, bugs
About Trolls are a human-like race that lives in small tribes in the holes and dungeons of Tibia. There they hunt animals and seek treasures over which they keep a jealous watch. They are weak and silly fighters, but as a squad they can become quite dangerous.
Tactics Sorry, no informations yet

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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net