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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Orc Warlord
HP 950 Summon ---
Exp 670 Convince ---
Resistance fire, sees invisible Special can become invisible for few seconds
Fight close combat, distance (throwing stars)
Loot 0-14 gp, Scimitar, throwing star, orcish axe, brass legs, meat, fish, plate armor, plate legs, stealth ring, dark helmet, crusader helmet (Rare), dragon hammer (Rare)
About Fiercer than the dreaded Orc Berserker and more powerful even than the mighty Orc Leader, the Orc Warlord is the true terror of all civilized races. Warlords are the strongest fighters of their race who have managed to rise to the highest ranks through tr
Spawns Orc Fortress
Tactics Strongest of orcs makes massive damage with his 2 swords, and throwing stars that will hit everyone who will try to run away from him. He can also become invisible for short period of time to confuse his enemies.

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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net