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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Elf Scout
HP 160 Summon 360
Exp 75 Convince 360
Resistance sees invisible Special
Fight close combat, distance (arrows)
Loot 0-6 gp, Grapes, Bag, longsword, Studded Helmet, Studded Armor, Bow, 0-12 Arrow, 0-3 Poison Arrow, Sandals, Water Skin
Sounds Feel the sting of my arrows!, Your existence will end here!, Evicor guide my arrow, Thy blood will quench the soil's thirst!
About Elf Scouts are a kind of militia among the elves. They patrol the area around their dwellings and repel intruders. Due to their tall bodies, all elves are fast runners and can cover large distances. In close combat they are quite weak, but their distance
Spawns Elven village
Tactics Sorry, no informations yet

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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net