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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Black Knight
HP 1800 Summon ---
Exp 1600 Convince ---
Resistance fire, energy, poison, paralyze, sees invisible Special
Fight close combat, distance
Loot 0-100 gp, 0-? Brown Bread, Bag, Battle Hammer, Black Shield, two-handed sword, Spear, Double Axe, Halberd, Plate Armor, Dark Helmet, Steel Helmet, Brass Legs, Rope, Dragon Lance (Very rare), Knight Axe (Rare), Knight Armor (Rare), Knight Legs (Rare), Dark Armor, Warrior Helmet (Rare), Boots of Haste (Very rare), Ruby Necklace (Rare)
About Black Knights are deserted knights of the King's army. They live deep in the swamps of Tibia and attack every intruder of their sphere. Well equipped they are very strong in close combat and use their spears for distance fighting. Being experienced fighte
Spawns house on swamps, near Venore

Black Knight can be seen in only one place in the game. Enclosed with Beholders, which can be a threat. Coming in you should first kill them and the scorpions by using GFB rune. However the Black Knight is more dangerous. He attacks in close combat assigning very large injuries. There are two ways to fight with him.
* First is presented on the screenshot. Knight - often with help of weaker summons - is standing in certain place, so that the Black Knight would be standing under the teleport. If the players are useing the help of summoned creature, they should remember that the player who is not blocking, should attack as third. In this case the blocking player is attacking useing defensive fighting technique, and the second player, to which the summon belongs, marks attack, but does not come to Black Knight. It should be done the way it is on the picture. Only then the second knight is coming to the opponent standing diagonal. In this method attacking with two handed weapon as third, gains almost all the experience, and the Black Knight will rarely change target on him or the summon. You should be prepared that the summon, while many hours of hunting will die many times and you should be prepared for that. Ofcourse using another knight in the summon place solves the problem. You can call fourth knight to fight, but he will have to stand in straight line, so it would be good if he use one handed weapon, and when Black Knight would start attacking him not the blocker, change the type of attack to defensive fighting. If the Black Knight would switched to a player using two handed weapon he should go to teleport and come back or the blocking knight should use Berserker spell. You must be aware that, more of people are hunting with you, the treasure will be splitted to more parts.
* Second method of fighting with blocking player and players shooting from range. The blocking player pulls back opponent to north, walking right and left to gain less blood hits, and the others are shooting standing near the teleport. In this way, when the Black Knight will switch the opponent, the attacking players can easily escape from him. You should remember that when you go into the teleport you will be in place with two Beholders.
While waiting for the spawn, the shooters should stand on the right side of teleport and the blocker on the left (all one field lower than the teleport, to not disturb the respawn). This way new Black Knights should begin from attacking the blocker.

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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net