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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

15 8 35oz 1 Handed

Description: Any orderly dwarf does not move from his house without this handy axe. Counterbalance for cutting edge can be used for thrustuing nails and aching stones. The edge was designed to be able to penetrate totally every kind of wood. The handle can be used as a very comfortable back - massager or spare spoke in a ladder. This axe is comprehensive! But why nobody thought about using it in a battle...

Dropped by Dwarf , Minotaur Guard , Skeleton

Where to sell the item?
FibulaTimur25 gp
RookgaardNorma25 gp
RookgaardDixi25 gp
RookgaardObi25 gp
RookgaardAl Dee25 gp
RookgaardLee'Delle25 gp

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Tibia - tibia.d2event.net

Tibia - tibia.d2event.net